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Rebekah Burgdorf, owner of Cody Paw Spa, has been training dogs professionally since 2000, with a background that includes service dogs, hearing dogs, community classes, 4-H classes, and private lessons. She has been grooming since 2006 and enjoys being able to combine her artistic side with her love for dogs.

Growing up with German Shepherd Dogs, Rebekah now has Australian Working Kelpies. Her passion is working stockdogs, but she also enjoys agility, obedience, and more.

When she is not grooming, training, or competing with her dogs, Rebekah pursues her other passion - horses.

Katie Coble has been grooming since 2005. She and her husband have an Australian Cattle Dog, Sadie, and a Labrador Retriever, Allie.

Santolina Sailor, Australian Working Kelpie, has been a greeter at Cody Paw Spa since 2007. As much as he enjoys hanging out at the shop, his first love always has been and always will be working sheep. He also enjoys agility, obedience, tricks, dryland mushing, and anything else Rebekah happens to try! Sailor is very intelligent, lightning fast, and extremely intense in everything he does.

Burradoo Kippi, Australian Working Kelpie, began her career at Cody Paw Spa shortly after Christmas 2009. She is in charge of promoting our retail line by enticing clients to throw her favorite toys for a game of fetch. Like Sailor, Kippi lives to work stock. She's smart as a whip, quick, and tenacious.

Hankee (so named because she's all stuffed up!) is the newest addition to our team. She is amazingly well behaved and is the quietest dog we've ever had. Her position, of course, is supermodel.

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