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Amber McClure, bought Cody Paw Spa in March of 2017. She was a veterinary technician for fifteen years before she went into full time grooming. She had a grooming business in central Iowa before relocating to Cody with her husband and son.

Katie Coble has been grooming since 2005. She and her husband have an Australian Cattle Dog, Sadie, and a Labrador Retriever, Allie.

Max, German Shorthair Pointer, was born in 2010 and enjoys going hunting.

Miles, a parti Miniature Schnauzer, was born in 2015. He enjoys barking at everything and showing off the creative upgrades available, such as hair color and feathers.

Hankee (so named because she's all stuffed up!) is amazingly well behaved and is the quietest dog we've ever had. Her position, of course, is supermodel.

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